Global Petroleum Training and Consultancy

Global Petroleum Training and Consultancy (GPTC) is the product of Global Petroleum Business & Trading Est (GPT) that was founded in 1997. As part of GPT with long years of experience in the oil and gas industry and the key drivers of the human resources working within it, we know the need of the oil and gas industry for quality personnel.

To answer this need, GPTC is proud to lead the way in offering career-advancement needs of oil and gas professionals worldwide, from talent development, organizational performance to engineering, operational needs, GPTC offers comprehensive, customized training programs that fit the needs of your organization.

The power of improvement through training, we focus on enhancing people in oil and gas business with wide range of technical and soft skills courses that are tailored to meet the requirements of beginners and experts in the field. These opportunities are to sharpen their skills, increase their knowledge and improve their performance to achieve sustainable results professionally. We are dedicated in serving the oil & gas business community of all sizes world-wide by allowing employers to manage and assure the competence of employees at every level.

GPT is fully backed by an excellent team of functional experienced, highly qualified, and proficient technical staff to ensure that they build talent and develop a more knowledgeable, productive and valuable workforce. Our training programs are designs to connect proven solutions that are industry driven & approved with real-world challenges by bringing out the best in people.


To offer a wealth of courses to increase that span core industry disciplines and challenges, committed to employing the best instructors, producing materials to the highest standard, and ensuring that curricula evolve to embrace the latest technology advances in the oil and gas.


To be the world class oil and gas training service provider in UAE most admired for its quality and excellent service in all aspects of our business.


  • Commitment – Brining out the best in people by accurately and effectively develop the most essential skill sets to ensure capability and competency are optimized.
  • Excellence – Partnership with advance industry and academic institutions to deliver best-in-class oil gas technical and soft skills training.
  • Quality – Providing quality learning courses that our clients can effectively leverage our solutions to achieve their business goals.

Our Key Strengths

  • We are dedicated to the professional development of oil and gas industry professionals, accelerating the development through offering full site of training courses that will optimize ones performance.
  • All our trainers and consultants are all experts in their fields with a wide variety of technical and regional experience that allows GPT to bring world-class expertise to address each customer’s unique skills and training requirements.
  • We design training programs using a blended learning approach, a global training network, and up to date technology to align with strategic objectives and maximize business impact.

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