Global Petroleum Training & Consultancy (GPTC) provides representation for international companies who wish to establish themselves in the UAE market or expand their existing business base. We provide these companies with a complete logistical support function, as well as working closely on business development.

Which Includes:

  • Registration
  • Pre-qualification
  • Marketing
  • Participating in Tendering & Projects
  • Exhibiting on Their Behalf
  • Selling
  • Documents Preparation
  • Resolving Claims
  • Offer Technical Support & Training
  • Provide Office Facilities
  • Logistical Supports for Their Operations etc.

Maersk Training

“Maersk Training covers a wide field of offshore industries and training needs, targeting each field with specific expertise. But we always teach and train according to our basic values, a Maersk Training way of thinking with “Uprightness, Humbleness and Constant Care” in mind.
People Skill Services
Process Safety Training for Oil & Gas Production
Advanced Immersive Simulations
Onboard Training Services

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Mintra Group is a leading provider of digital learning and HCM systems for safety-critical industries worldwide.

We develop and deploy solutions that enable our customers to develop and deploy their people, readily demonstrate compliance and maximise operational efficiency.

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Mintra Group


“OCS Group is a leading innovator in the Oil and Gas Industry, providing Commissioning, Inspection and Training services globally. For over 20 years, OCS Group has driven the development of specialized solutions to solve our clients’ most complex, costly and challenging problems.

To best serve the oil and gas industry OCS Group is at the forefront of development, consistently introducing new technology and services to the market. OCS Groups philosophy is to provide these services in a manner that manages critical lifecycle processes allowing for increased efficiency, customer satisfaction and increased cost savings.

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