Geo statistics & Reservoir Modeling Workshop

Course Title Geo statistics & Reservoir Modeling Workshop Objectives 1- Introduction to earth modeling 2- Data entry and requirement’s 3- Structural model setting and process 4- Geo-statistical algorithms – Methods & techniques 5- Properties’ populations – Stochastic & Deterministic

Core Analysis / SCAL Workshop

Course Title Core Analysis / SCAL Workshop Objectives A portion of this course will also focus on core-log calibration, quicklook log analysis, applied capillary pressure, and applied flow units. Know to the key factors of the static model. Identify the different rock types with emphasis on carbonate rocks and their pore types and mineralogy. Identify … Continue reading "Core Analysis / SCAL Workshop"

Advanced Production Logging Workshop

Course Title Advanced Production Logging  Workshop Objectives Cased Hole Logging Overview Typical Setup Logging Environment Regions of Investigation for Cased Hole Tools Formation Evaluation in Cased Holes Pulsed Neutron Capture Measurement Cased Hole Resistivity Tool Pulsed Neutron Capture Log Presentations Pulsed Neutron Capture Log Applications Carbon-Oxygen (C/O) Measurement Compensated Neutron Measurement Natural Gamma Ray Measurement … Continue reading "Advanced Production Logging Workshop"

Gas Conditioning & Processing

Course Title Gas Conditioning & Processing Objectives How oil & gas formed, migrated, trapped in reservoirs and how we found it. How we can maximize reserve recovery in case of oil or gas reservoirs. The different types of Natural Gas reservoirs and its phase behaviors. The phase diagram of hydrocarbon mixtures and flash calculation mechanism. … Continue reading "Gas Conditioning & Processing"

Safety in Process Design

Objectives At the end of this course the participants will be able to: Understanding different aspects of process design that influence process safety Appreciate inherently safer design for the entire process plant operation Evaluate mechanical integrity of process equipment Identify hazards associated with process fluids regarding impact on material degradation Follow code requirments for sizing … Continue reading "Safety in Process Design"

Contracts Administration Training & Certification

    The Course Objectives By the end the course, the participants should be able to : Carry-on all the contract administrator task identified below (not limited to) : General administration : Communication management Security passes and mobilization Contract document management Spend control Call-off control Disputes : Claim management Liquidated damages Back charges Receipts and … Continue reading "Contracts Administration Training & Certification"