Global Innovation Institute (GInI)®

Global Petroleum Training & Consultancy (GPTC) is an Authorized Training Provider (ATP) of the Global Innovation Institute (GInI) courses

The Global Innovation Institute (GInI)® is an international organization providing professional membership associations and certifications in the field of Innovation.


Change the Dynamics of your Business With the Best Innovation Training Courses

The core objective of GPTC is to provide creativity and innovation courses to people across the world who wish to get a better know-how of the advancements and the fast-changing course of the industrial sector. The key to keeping up with the fast-paced corporate and industrial world is to incorporate innovative techniques and new ideas to deal with the problems and challenges at work.

An innovative approach is important to assess and solve the problems of the modern world and also gives you a whole new perspective as well as a competitive edge in the field.

Bring Value to Your Company With Our Creativity and Innovation Course

 Innovation is never a bad idea. We need to adapt to the changing world. This is why the experts at GPTC are here to assist you in building a creative and systemic approach through new ideas, techniques, and multiple tools to bring value and productivity to your business.

With this training, you will not only be able to recognize your problems and their causes, but will also be able to use creative thinking techniques, new ideas, and innovative, systemic approaches to solve these problems. Especially in the petroleum industry where there is a great scope for evolution and innovation, our creativity and innovation course will surely help improve the performance and results of your company.

Our Innovation Training Courses are Designed Specifically For You!

Here at GPTC, we understand the importance of tailored courses for each client. Our training courses are perfectly customized to meet your requirements and to assist and train you to face the challenges head-on. Our innovation training courses will transform the dynamics of your organization and help you bring necessary improvements to the company.

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