IAIDL – International AI Driving License

Global Petroleum Training & Consultancy (GPTC) is proud to be an International AI Driving License (IAIDL) Accredited Centre.

IAIDL Intensive and Comprehensive competency-based Training Program focusing in certifying the candidate to be competent in the use of AI and future tools. IAIDL modules provide a practical program of up-to-date skills and knowledge.

GPTC Brings Top-Notch Artificial Intelligence Courses in Abu Dhabi

Established in 1997 and with extensive experience in our credit in the field of Oil and Gas Industry, Global Petroleum Training and Consultancy (GPTC) has developed complete, comprehensive, and customized training programs and courses to train the people in the field of oil and gas.

Our Artificial Intelligence programs and skills courses help the employees, both the beginners and experts and the field managers understand the technical advancements in the industry, such as Drones, Robotics, Virtual Reality, etc., and learn to adopt these technologies efficiently and perfectly for improved results and enhanced performance in the industry.

Drone Use in the Oil and Gas Industry is Increasingly Popular Nowadays

Technology is revolutionizing every major and minor industry these days. The Oil and Gas industry has improved drastically with the use of Artificial Intelligence such as Drones and Robotics. The drones not only allow you a 360° view of the field but also inspect and remotely monitor the offshore locations within a little time. It helps in inspecting the infrastructure, machinery, pipelines, and under-construction facilities through high-quality ultrasonic sensors and visual inspection technologies.

Drone inspection of oil and gas fields not only reduces the downtime but also helps in saving costs and provides a safe way to monitor the fields that might be risky for a mundane workforce.

Training Programs and Courses Dedicated to Helping Workers in the Drone Use in Oil and Gas Industry

The new and continuously evolving technological advances and skills can be difficult to understand, use, and master. At GPTC, we have designed competent training programs to teach your employees, the skills and knowledge required for incorporating these technologies for improved and sustainable results.

Our team of expert professionals and highly qualified individuals personally supervise your training and provide consultancy to help you gain the insights and get you ready, confident, and compliant for handling drone inspection in the oil and gas industry.

For more information, please feel free to visit their website at https://iaidl.org/

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