International AI Driving License – IAIDL

Global Petroleum Training & Consultancy (GPTC) is proud to be an International AI Driving License (IAIDL) Accredited Centre.

IAIDL Intensive and Comprehensive competency-based Training Program focusing in certifying the candidate to be competent in the use of AI and future tools. IAIDL modules provide a practical program of up-to-date skills and knowledge.


IAIDL considered as the first AI and FMT competency-based certification worldwide that is aligned with AI associates standards, and global AI Index. IAIDL Basic (Foundation ) is an individual who has been assessed to have the essential technical competencies to understand the AI and FMT applications. In this particular level individuals are able to use their capabilities to build basic AI and FMT models/solutions or applications to address business problems. IAIDL advance ( practionaire) and above have also demonstrated their ability to lead a team of AI and FMT to design, develop and deploy multiple AI and FMT projects which unlock and deliver business value. As the demand for skilled AI and FMT grows, AIMA are well positioned to provide the necessary technical and professional knowledge, skills and competencies to manage AI and FMT projects successfully from start to end based on results of AIMA report.


1. IAIDL basic (International artificial intelligence and future management tools driving license foundation)
2. IAIDL advance Level (International artificial intelligence and future management tools driving license Practionaire)
3. AIMA ( AI and FMT maturity assessor)


The IAIDL framework comply with the international Personal Data protection Acts worldwide and international benchmarked models of for AI and FMT Governance Framework which provides detailed and readily-implementable guidance for private sector organizations to address key ethical and governance issues when deploying AI and FMT solutions. The model framework seeks to promote public understanding and trust in AI and FMT technologies by explaining how AI and FMT systems work, highlighting good data accountability practices and emphasizing the need for open and transparent communication, IAIDL helps organizations to align their AI and FMT governance practices with the international model framework. It also provides industry use cases and best practices to support organizations in the implementation of the framework. When developing and deploying AI and FMT solutions, Ai and FMT certification should strive to adhere to the guidelines provided in the International AI and FMT Governance Framework (or any equivalent AI ethics and governance framework such as Australia’s Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI, Artificial Intelligence and Japan’s Social Principles of Human-Centric AI.) All IAIDL candidates will need to understand AI Ethics, Bias and Governance before the certification can be awarded.




Candidates who are deeply interested in understanding Ai and FMT Such as coding/AI/machine learning (ML), fresh graduates,

working professionals who employ data analysis techniques in the course of their work.






Required Competencies  N/A.


Working professionals with at least one year of experience in AI-related roles. Individuals at this level are typically AI specialists in AI project teams within a commercial organization.






Required Competencies :

● Python/programming
● Linear algebra and statistics
● Exploratory data analysis
● AI ethics, bias and governance.
● IAIDL Basic


Working professionals and seniors with at least three to six years of experience in AI-related roles. leading teams in developing and deploying multiple large-scale and complex AI and FMT projects in a commercial organization. Individuals at this level are typically managers or senior managers and head AI/Technology Centers of Excellence or similar functional units in a large commercial organization who are team leads for large-scale AI and FMT projects in commercial organizations.

Required Competencies :

  • Strategic thinking
  • Communication
  • AI and FMT project design, development, management and deployment
  • Thought leadership
  • AI ethics, bias and governance
  • IAIDL Basic