As a service providing company Global Petroleum Training & Consultancy (GPTC) offers complete Technical, Engineering & Administration consultancy services particularly to the oil & gas and industrial sector which includes:

  • Professional Safety And Health Consultancy
  • Industrial installations inspection consultancies
  • Information Technology Consultancy
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Administrative Consultancy And Studies
  • Environment Protection
  • Data Management & Consultancy
  • Corrosion Monitoring
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Asset Integrity Consultation
  • Security and Safety Training
  • Commercial Brokers
  • Marketing Operations Management

Get the Best Business Technology Consulting Across the World From GPTC

The main focus of the team at Global Petroleum Training and Consultancy (GPTC) is to improve the workforce in the oil and gas industry through training programs and an extensive range of technical courses. We strive to improve the dynamics of the business industry through innovation and technology to improve, performance, and increase productivity.

Our team consists of highly experienced, well trained, and extremely competent consultants who have a vast knowledge of the field and have been providing technical consultancy services to our clients in Dubai since 1977.

Our Extensive Business Technology Consulting Will Give you Excellent Insights into the Industry

The world has become a digital hub and without technical advancements, it is hard to keep up with the fast-paced global market. The latest technologies can be overwhelming for you and your employees. However, with our broad experience in the field and expert knowledge of the advancements, we offer the best technical consultancy services, which are provided by our talented team of engineers and professionals. We offer the solutions and ideas that are in the best interest of your company and insights to give you a complete and transparent perspective of the industry.

Why Choose Us for Business Technology Consulting?

We are experts in our field. With years of experience as a training and consultancy firm to our credit, we have trained and advised hundreds and thousands of clients across the world. Rest assured that our results are the best possible and will perfectly align with your business goals. We help you deal with the technical challenges and get an edge over your competitors in the industry. Not only that, but our services are also cost-effective and perfectly transparent to ensure reliability.

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